What is EDGEcasting?

Complete Solution To Record And/Or Webcast Your Valuable Event Content.

EDGEcasting is the professional, television-grade live streaming to social media platforms of a video production or public event with the integration of customized branding, lower-third titling, customized transitions, with social media awareness and activation, produced by a professional media crew and a team of savvy social media managers.

EDGEcasting brings an additional level of awareness to any event, cumulating in digital event public relations that not only brings a new media audience to the viewing of any event, but can engage both the physical audience and the social audience to share to their respective “tribes”, championing the authority and value of the event, the coordinating brand and the sponsor of the EDGEcast.

The Branding

  • Custom introduction video (when applicable)
  • Branded “bug” overlay throughout entire segment/broadcast
  • Custom lower third displays (title overlays) for real-time video editing
  • Full on-site production staff access
  • Customized printed backdrop and tripod flags, when elected
  • Post production editing + video intro / bumpers / outro additions as applicable
  • Distribution-ready HD video file(s) delivery

The Engagement

  • Social media event planning and awareness activation
  • New media audience sharing and
  • Social media transcripts and brand / sponsor support
  • Center of authority awareness and account engagement prior, during and post event

The Cast

  • Setup
    • Planning / Scripting
    • Video & Graphics development
    • Facebook / YouTube / etc. channels set up if applicable
  • Recording:
    • PA set up and/or consultation to secure house mix.
    • Continuous or Segment audio/video recording of the entire event.
    • HD 1080p mp4 raw video file deliverable with full client ownership rights.
  • Streaming:
    • Single / multiple live audio/video stream to client's platform(s) of choice. (Quality subject to venue Internet connection)
      • Facebook, Periscope, Youtube, Livestream etc.
  • Full three camera coverage:
    • Multiple remote controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras capturing all activities/individuals on stage and for fixed crowd, Q&A or wide shots.