The Two Fat Guys Hardware Show

Edge Media Helps Two Fat Guys Build and Manage Explosive Growth

Before the Two Fat Guys Hardware Show gained an audience of listeners across the nation, there was The Two Fat Guys Ace hardware store in Greenwood, In., one of about 5,000 franchise co-ops bearing the Ace name.

After opening their Ace store, owners Smokey and Rick decided to explore advertising options to attract new customers. It was then that they weighed the pros and cons of hosting a weekend radio show. Initially, it seemed like a no-brainer. For the same cost of running some weekday 30- to 60-second radio advertising spots, they could host that show along with some weekday promos.

However, as with anything, there were some negatives to consider. Rick didn’t readily warm up to the idea of jumping behind a microphone to make the regular commitment to producing a weekly show. And the pair didn’t have previous experience to work out the logistics of producing a radio show. But in 2009, they proceeded with their plan to launch their local radio show.

Edge Media Sets Foundation for Growth

Just a year later, in 2010, Edge Media Studios stepped in to help the team build a foundation to help the Two Fat Guys Hardware Show significantly expand its local audience as well as a national market that now reaches listeners in locations like Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, and Illinois.

With Edge Media’s expertise and guidance in audio production, strategy, and branding, Rick and Smokey were able to quickly grow their audience. Just 16 weeks after working with Edge Media, they went from talking to about 2,400 listeners to reaching about 12,500 listeners. The Edge Media team continued to focus on the critical task of expanding the Two Fat Guys Hardware Show, by showcasing the show on 123 terrestrial radio stations across the nation and online podcasts on a variety of platforms, including iHeart Radio, Podbean, and iTunes.

Those efforts paid off. Today, the Two Fat Guys Hardware Show has an audience numbering in the six figures. Another win? They accomplished what they initially set out to do – getting more customers to their store. The Two Fat Guys Ace Hardware store has had the distinction of pulling in more sales than any other Ace Hardware store in the nation.

As the show’s full-time production and management team, Edge Media set this success story into motion in 2010 by developing and organizing the structure of the 1-hour show, a process that includes managing weekly content. Our team also developed a plan to localize the show for other markets, while signing on regional and national advertisers.

With its ambitious goal to hit a national audiene, the show also needed to elevate its profile. That’s why our team also worked on personalization for the Two Fat Guys Show, making sure the duo’s humorous personalities, complemented with pop culture commentaries.

In addition to helping Smokey and Rick reach a larger audience with a more cohesive show, the new structure also had the unexpected benefit of creating efficiencies. Smokey and Rick found it easier to fit the podcast into their busy schedules while continuing to manage increasing business at their store. Under the new structure, the team was able to cut down on weekly preparation time and post-audio production time.

While this success is amazing, we don’t plan to stop there. In 2017, The Two Fat Guys Hardware Store is launching a new branding campaign with iHeart Media online and radio channels.