The Safe Money Show

Edge Media consultation succeeds in helping Safe Money talk radio show generate leads

Every weekend, Brian Singer is hitting the airwaves to give financial advice. As president and CEO of Singer Financial Group, he has a mission of ensuring that his listeners are able to plan for retirement using his tips in income planning and investment planning.

With two radio shows, Singer faces the challenge of producing content that keeps his audience engaged — and coming back for more week after week.

When we first started working with Brian in early 2011, he already had been hosting The Safe Money Show for about a year. He had some qualified leads resulting from his show, but not in the volume he had anticipated at that point.

A fresh start

Edge Media Studios started a consultation with The Safe Money Show. The first step was analyzing the structure and imaging of the talk radio show — determining if there areas that could be improved to generate better results. During that time, we also looked behind the scenes to review his process for organizing content.

We proposed an improved process for strategically organizing content, including topic suggestions for his on-air commentary. We also made improvements with audio production and provided monthly new imaging production releases. To ensure consistency, Edge Media also provides consultation on the company’s TV and website content.

On a regular basis, Brian often comments, “I don’t know how you keep coming up with all this great, original material.” We appreciate that type of feedback. We believe in forming productive partnerships with our clients that they appreciate.

In addition to providing suggestions for great content, Edge Media’s focus on organizing content has an additional benefit for radio hosts: It often eases the burden of spending a lot of time on pre-planning for the show.

Also, the revamped custom radio can be energizing for radio show hosts, as it was for Singer. That can translate to more engagement among listeners, resulting in benefits like boosting talk radio listening time. Listeners are more apt to stay tuned throughout the entire show if they are connecting with the host.

Branding strategies

The cohesiveness of a brand is essential. To ensure that Brian’s branding extended across all of his professional initiatives, Edge Media provided branding services for Singer Financial Group’s multiple radio platforms, developed the logo for the Safe Money Talk Radio Show and managed other branding images and slogans.

We also manage written radio script content and radio commercial production for Singer Financial Group’s weekday schedule on multiple radio stations. We also produced numerous themed campaigns to complement the weekend show.

As Brian approaches his 25th anniversary as an expert in the financial services industry, Edge Media is excited to see how he and his team expand their mission to help their listeners plan for a successful retirement.