The Blurred Lines of Online Video Consumption

Will Livecasting Take Over on Facebook?
April 11, 2017

Today’s viewer of online video content is very different than one of five years ago. Viewers used to gather around one screen to watch video content. Think about how many Super Bowl parties you’ve been to or movies you’ve seen in theaters five years ago. How have your actions changed in that short amount of time? Instead of groups gathering around one big screen, users are now gathering around their own personal screens to watch all types of different content. And with the latest announcement of YouTube TV, you certainly can bet that Google is betting big on video.

Think with Google put out this great infographic with some amazing statistics. Here the highlights:

– Adults are 5x as likely to prefer online platforms over cable or broadcast TV to watch video at home
– Two out of three people say they pick up another device during a television break
– 92% of YouTube viewers watch YouTube on a mobile device when they are at home
– Since 2013, viewership of television content on YouTube is up 230%
– YouTube makes up over half of people’s time watching online video on television
– 51% watch YouTube on TV to relax or unwind, while 38% watch to feel entertained
– Among viewers who watch YouTube on their TV, 48% of moms watch with their kids.
– 25% of viewers who watch YouTube on their TV watch to share a YouTube video with their family and friends
– In the average day, YouTube reaches more 18+ viewers than any TV network
– Almost 50% of internet users looked for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.
– Purchase intent is 150% higher from paid YouTube TrueView ads than from TV ads.