Real Estate Investing Radio

Talk Radio Show Full Revamp Leading To Comprehensive Public Branding Management

Real Estate Investing Radio
After launching a radio show about real estate investing, Aaron Adams was able to accomplish what he set out to do — share his expertise in his industry while promoting his company, Alpine Capital Solutions.

During the one-hour Saturday show, Aaron and his co-host, Doug Dale, were reaching a regional audience. It was evident that the highly experienced and successful real estate investor was making an impact with the educational format of the show.

However, after listening to Aaron’s radio show, our team at Edge Media Studios knew there was room to build upon its success. We proposed a three-phase strategy that would help his team reach an even larger audience with additional impact.

Hitting the next level

As with any engagement, Edge Media started with an analysis of the radio show. We sat in on Aaron and Doug’s next recording session. We checked all aspects of the show, primarily focusing on how it flowed. It was immediately clear that the hosts were engaging. Even better, they were providing highly educational content for anyone interested in real estate investing.

But we also saw areas for improvement, including the overall radio listening experience, the organization of the show’s content and the personalization of the radio hosts. Edge Media started working on building the foundation for a more cohesive show by developing a script as well as proposing a more defined structure from start to end.

Not only did this defined structure improve the listener’s experience when tuning into the show, it made the process more efficient for the co-hosts, who already had challenges with fitting the show into their busy schedules. With an outline of the show, they were able to significantly cut their preparation time, which allowed for a more relaxed approach.

Scripted segments, which were determined through a collaborative approach, were interspersed with teases and ad-lib elements that led to a more engaging format.

Re-branding for strategic growth

During that next phase, we also advised on branding. By changing the name of the talk radio show from “Real Estate Tips and Tricks” to “Real Estate Investing Radio,” Aaron and his team were able to ensure that prospective listeners immediately understood the premise of the show.

The name change also was effective in helping Aaron attract more quality leads and expand his audience on air and online.

In addition to a name change for the radio show, Aaron was focused on rebranding his business into Alpine Capital Solutions. Our team at Edge Media developed a new website,, to bring all the elements together into one powerful branding platform — featuring the radio show, training videos, app and on-site events.

We also produced a testimonial video with a nationally known racing figure to anchor a second website,, a niche educational destination for those interested in using an IRA to invest in rental properties.

Edge Media also provided a branding strategy for these elements, including logo design, website development, and book cover design.

The results

As with any radio show or marketing initiative, the impact on overall business is one of the most important factors to review. The new REI radio show was paying off in dividends.

In the early stages of the radio show’s new direction, Aaron and his team of real estate investors started seeing a significant increase in interest about potential property purchases. The strategy also helped boost their close rates from their media advertising.

The team also found itself expediting transactions that were already in the pipeline. It didn’t stop there. With consistent updates to the show, the new strategic focus started yielding more and more new property purchase contracts.

Alpine Capital Solutions also was able to expand its profile in other countries. The team has fielded more requests from investors from around the globe who are interested in purchasing properties in the United States. The educational format of the REI radio talk show has allowed listeners to find answers to their questions, which helps speed up transaction processes. The IRA Rental site is also generating subscription content revenue.

As a partner in Alpine Capital Solutions’ growth through its radio talk show, we’re excited to see what’s in store for this team in the future.

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