The Dr. Shoup Show

Edge Media Studios helps dentist resurrect radio show – this time with a solid ROI

When Dr. Randy Shoup launched his Healthy Smile Show in 2008, he fully expected that it would be the ideal marketing tool to attract new clients into his specialty dentistry practice in Indianapolis. By investing in a one-hour radio show, he could help consumers make informed decisions. He was committed to giving straightforward advice on how to save on their dental care and how to avoid unnecessary procedures.

However, despite his passion for the program, Shoup soon found that the results weren’t meeting his expectations. He was losing money from his radio venture although he was paying for the services of another radio management consultant and the station’s account executive. When the losses continued to mount, he decided to halt the production of the show.

Yet, Shoup proved he wasn’t willing to give up on the idea entirely.

After Shoup met the team at Edge Media Studios, he started exploring options for resurrecting the show. Before launching the new show, we started the process by taking an in-depth analysis of the show. During this process, Edge Media Studios identified several problems that plague many radio show programs — no matter how passionate the host may be. Those problems involved branding and organization.

We had already started working in audio imaging but we knew these elements — branding and organization — would be critical to the overall success of the show. For branding, we took a look at the show’s name, logo, and website. We also analyzed the structure of the previous Healthy Smile Show.

Following the analysis, it was clear that it was a solid idea that failed because of execution. There was no doubt that Shoup has the expertise and credentials to host an engaging and informative show about dental care. A graduate of the Indiana University School of Dentistry and a member of the American Dental Association, Shoup had dedicated his career to growing his advanced dental practice, serving as a guest speaker for other professionals in his field, and providing his insights on microscopic dentistry as an author for numerous dental journals.

More importantly, he also had the passion and commitment to host a regular show.

“Tweaks” that make a big difference

The Edge Media Studio team realized that the show didn’t require an overhaul — just a few important tweaks that would make a significant difference.

First, we changed the name of the show to reflect the new brand direction. The Dr. Shoup Show launched as a structured yet lively radio program that was divided into segments. The name change reflected not only Shoup’s personal brand; it signaled that topics would include all areas that fall under his expertise. A new logo and website supplemented the content being produced on the airwaves.

We also made small changes in audio production that made a tremendous difference. The upbeat music, along with the friendly presentation that fit Shoup’s infectious father-like personality proved to be a winning combination.

Those changes made Shoup’s second time around with his new radio program a success. The positive feedback on the new show was immediate. He started engagins with listeners online, answering questions, and scheduling in-office consultations. And, of course, new patient success stories continued to pour in.

The new Dr. Shoup Show was showing a return on investment.

While the show is showing amazing growth, we’re not stopping there. We plan to help Shoup keep hitting new levels of success!